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The famous Addi 'Turbo' needle has been a
staple of professional knitters for decades. Once
you knit seamless join, and lightweight feel. Nickel
plated brass tips will not tarnish, rust, or discolor.
The flexible nylon join is extremely pliable, even
right out of the package. Plus, all Addi circulars
feature a LIFETIME guarantee!

Sizes range from 0-36 in lengths of
12", 16", 20", 24", 32", 40", 47", 60"

All sizes are not in stock, but can be ordered.

Lace Addi Turbos are now available!  These
have sharper tips to enhance your lace and sock
knitting.  Soft pliable cords. Smooth joins eliminate
snagging.  Sizes range from 1-6 - 24" in stock.